The Lime Rock Fire Department is committed to the preservation of Life and Property.  Community Risk Reduction is about managing those associated risks within our community.  We manage this by assessing and prioritizing risks that have been identified, developing solutions and support systems for those risks, and measuring the success of those solutions.  Our objective is to continually refine solutions so that they are the most efficent and effective means to reduce or eliminate those identified risks within our community. 

The Lime Rock Fire Department addresses risk reduction on many fronts. This includes public education - starting at the earliest ages feasible, continuing through our most senior citizens. It includes annual inspections of our commercial occupancies for life safety and fire hazards. It includes emergency preparedness programs delivered through our Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. And finally, it includes the continual education and implementation by fire personnel of the latest information, techniques, and programs for the prevention of injuries, and prevention of fires and reduction of property damage as a result of natural or man-made causes.

The Lime Rock Fire Department schedules walk through visits for the Elderly on Slip and Fall hazards, Medication review and fire education programs.

Our department offers public fire safety education programs, such as residential fire safety programs, fire safety education in schools, juvenile firesetter education programs, and fire safety education in occupancies with large loss potential or hazardous conditions.

Through our Fire Prevention Bureau, the District provides a balanced approach to fire protection and application of the five Es - Education, Enforcement, Early Warning, and Early Suppression.  This is accomplished with five key strategies:

  • Educate the public on fire safety practices
  • Building plan review to assure compliance with approved codes
  • Inspections to assure compliance with applicable code and standards
  • Thorough fire cause and organ investigations to implements fire prevention action plans
  • Hydrant tests to assure adequate suppression water supply

Please call our Fire Marshal Albert Ledoux to plan a community risk reduction venue.